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The Orchestra as Enterprise
by John Axelrod


You are about to experience something novel and necessary.  The Orchestra As Enterprise is a study on leadership. As a conductor and business and management consultant, I offer advice about leading orchestras.  I demonstrate examples from the greatest conductors of the past. Learn how conducting an orchestra is a reflection of a CEO.  In this easy to understand and practical guide and questionnaire, you will learn why and how your knowledge of conducting an orchestra will benefit your being a CEO.

Introduction/Part 1
The Orchestra As Enterprise© is like a concert in 3 parts. Part 1 is the introduction. Think of it as the Overture.

Part 2
Part 2 has 5 fundamental aspects with commentary and video link examples. It is the concerto in 5 movements.

Part 3 and Encore
Part 3 has 10 questions for an inclusive experience. That is the symphony.  Before you conclude, you will make an encore (or bis depending on your language) for fun.

The Orchestra as an Enterprise Seminar, led by Maestro Axelrod, was an enlightening session on leadership styles, as well as the most relevant aspects in the role of a CEO. With carefully selected, delightful examples from some of the greatest conductors in the past one hundred years, Maestro Axelrod reviewed the complexities, subtleties and demands that a CEO has to face. He was exquisite in the dissection of the risks and opportunities of daily activity, showing wisdom and tact, precision and humor in the analysis of the most unique position in a corporation. A most enjoyable and fruitful experience.
Luis Rey, PhD. Strategic Relationships Officer. YPO France Regions Chapter.