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Aleksey Igudesman


Aleksey Igudesman was born in Leningrad at a very young age. He is known as a violinist, composer, conductor, comedian, film maker, actor, writer, poet, and entrepreneur, but his secret passion is cooking, eating out in luxurious restaurants and writing reviews on tripadvisor.
He has never won any competitions, mainly because he has never entered any. During his studies at the Yehudi Menuhin School, he read the entire plays of Shaw, Wilde and Chekhov, which didn’t improve his violin playing, but made him feel foolishly somewhat superior to other less intellectually endowed, yet harder practising, colleagues.
After studying the violin with acclaimed pedagogue Boris Kuschnir in Vienna and being told many times by many people that they were rather worried about his future, Igudesman embarked on a successful career playing concerts around the world, composing music for movies and humans and working with famous people like Hans Zimmer, John Malkovich, Roger Moore and other people who are less famous, but just as great…
Aleksey Igudesman plays on a Santo Seraphin violin from the year 1717, which is kindly loaned to him by ERSTE BANK


“The Other Seasons”
“Fasten Seatbelts”
“Waltz of the World”